How do I apply for a property?

You can apply for any of our rental properties by completing a Residential Tenancy Application for. These will be available from the agent at Open for Inspections but are also available for download in our Application Form Section of our website. Online applications can also be completed through www.movely.com.au. All applications require 100 points of identifications and proof of income. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Please Note: It is the policy of H2HPM that properties MUST be inspected PRIOR to application submission.

How long will it take to have my application approved?

The application processing times are completely dependent on the quality of the information provided with the application and our ability to contact relevant parties to verify references. H2HPM aims to process all applications in 24 hours or less and all information is then submitted to the landlord for consideration and selection of the successful applicant.

Do I have to pay a bond?

Yes. All properties require the payment of a bond prior to receiving the keys to a property. In most cases the bond is an amount equal to one month’s rental and are required to secure the property within 48 hours of receiving an approval of your application. The bond is lodged and held with the RTBA for the duration of the tenancy.

What happens with gas, electricity and phone connections?

It is the responsibility of the tenant to arrange the connection of gas, electricity, phone and internet in your own name prior to the commencement of your tenancy agreement and ongoing payment of usage charges remain your responsibility for the duration of the tenancy. Additionally, it is your responsibility to ensure the disconnection of these accounts upon vacating the premises.

Do I need insurance?

Yes. You are responsible as the tenant to insure your own contents and belongings. The landlords insurance will only cover the building and fixed contents of the premises.

Do I have to maintain gardens?

Unless a property is under the management of a body corporate association all grounds and gardens (including the nature strips) are the responsibility of the tenant. Even in a situation where a Body Corporate is in place, only common areas will be maintained at their cost by an independent contractor and immediate grounds and gardens are to be maintained by the tenant.

How do I pay my rent?

Rental payments can be made via Direct Electronic Funds Transfer into our agency trust account. You will be provided with these details at sign up. BPAY, Direct Debit, Centrepay and rent cards are also available.

How do I get keys?

You will receive keys to the property upon signing your leases, completing an ingoing sign up consultation with your property manager. Payment of bond (if it hasn’t already been paid to secure the property) and the first month’s rent for the property is also required prior to receiving the keys. H2HPM retains duplicate keys for all properties for the purposes of completing routine inspections and in case of emergency. In special circumstances keys may be borrowed from the office but must be returned by close of business on the same day. Photo identification is required before taking keys. Spare keys will not be loaned outside of business hours, on weekends or public holidays. We suggest all tenants make private arrangements for the location of a spare key should you ever lock yourself out. Locks cannot be changed without prior permission from the landlord or landlord’s agent and copies of new or additional keys must be provided to the agent within 24 hours.

How do I report maintenance?

Unless the situation is of an urgent nature all maintenance must be reported in writing. We encourage all maintenance, no matter how minor, to be reported at your earliest convenience. Reporting minor items can prevent these issues from becoming major problems in the future. Maintenance can be reported via direct email to your property manager. For more information please visit the maintenance section of our website

Who pays for the water?

The tenant is responsible for the payment of quarterly usage charges and the payment of water rates and sewerage availability charges are billed directly to the landlord. In most cases the water usage account will be transferred to your name during your sign up consultation appointment.

Will there be inspections?

Yes. Inspections are carried out as the Residential Tenancies Act allows. The first inspection will be completed after the first 3 months of tenancy and every 6 months thereafter. If you give notice in writing that you are vacating the premises you will be notified of an open for inspections within the last 14 days of your occupancy to allow prospective tenants to view the property.