Property Management As It Should Be


As a landlord, it’s your responsibility to take out the relevant building and fixed contents insurance (for elements such as air conditioners, heaters, appliances, roof and window treatments not covered by standard building insurance).

We highly recommend you also take out a Landlord Protection insurance policy, which will cover you for:

• Any rental loss caused by defaulting tenants

• Compensation for malicious damage

• Accidental loss or damage caused by a tenant

• Theft and legal liability.

This policy is usually payable annually and can be sent directly to us to be paid from rental income, if you wish.

We can take care of the fine details.

Our team is trained to deal with insurance claims of all kinds. We regularly work closely with insurance companies to provide the necessary information and documentation you need to settle your claim quickly and fuss-free.

Who we recommend.

We highly recommend Terri Scheer Insurance’s Landlord Protection Insurance Policy. For more information, please visit or refer to the information and application form provided.