Property Management As It Should Be


How do you source tenants for my property?

We will commence your property marketing campaign within 24 hours of receiving your signed management agreement. We start by cross matching our existing database of pre-approved prospective tenants and contact those whose needs match yours to organise an inspection. We will also add your property to our rental stock list, website and Australia’s number one real estate website, Where appropriate, we will begin advertising on university housing websites, Gumtree and au. Local press advertising may also be suitable for you, depending on market conditions.

How will you find a quality tenant for my property?

We require all applicants to submit a Residential Tenancy Application form. Then we verify all information, check their references, and complete a background check through 2 rental history databases, TICA and NTD. These tell us if the applicant has a record of VCAT orders or defaults in the previous 10 years. We only put forward for your consideration applicants who successfully pass our thorough screening processes.

How do you determine a fair rent for my property?

Your rent is determined by a number of factors – the current rental market, demand in the area, property features, appeal and location. We provide you with a full written rental appraisal free of charge. Using information from reputable sources (such as RP Data, and Price Finder), it will include demographics, appeal, demand, comparable properties for lease and current market conditions.

How long will it take to rent my property?

This depends on current market conditions at the time of advertising. If we can source a tenant from our existing database we can secure a tenancy for you quite quickly. Sourcing tenants from web advertising may take 2-3 weeks. If your property is in a new development we can begin advertising prior to settlement

When will I receive my rent?

Unlike most agents, who process rental disbursements mid month and at the end of the month, we process disbursements every day. That means you will never have to wait for your money – it will be disbursed as soon as we receive it from the tenant.

Will I receive statements for the payments I receive?

Yes. Every time a transaction for your property occurs, you will receive a statement of the amount received, any deductions (for management fees, rates, etc.), and the amount deposited in your account. You can choose to receive these statements via post or email.

Can I attend inspections?

We carry out routine inspections as current legislation allows – after the first 3 months of tenancy and every 6 months thereafter. You will be invited to attend these inspections but if you unable to attend you will receive a full routine inspection report, including details of maintenance requirements, suggested improvements, and at least 6 colour photographs of your property.

How do I pay my management fees?

We deduct your management fees on a monthly basis from your rental income prior to disbursement. Your monthly statement will show all deductions.

What if my tenant doesn’t pay rent?

While in a perfect world all tenants would pay their rent on time, unfortunately this isn’t always the case. We can, however, minimise the risk through careful tenant selection, appropriate education and an aggressive arrears procedure. Our zero tolerance arrears policy takes effect when a tenant is just 2 days overdue on their rent.

Do I need insurance?

Yes. You are responsible for building and fixed contents insurance. We also highly recommend you also take out Landlord Protection Insurance (see our ‘Landlord’s Insurance’ page in this guide). Premiums are fully tax deductible. Tenants are responsible for insuring their own contents.

How much will it cost for you to manage my property?

We offer very competitive management fees, charged monthly and dependent on your rental amount. For detailed information about our fee structure or a FREE rental appraisal, please speak to our team on 1300324567.